Welcome to Virtuassist

Free online help and social exchange opportunities for K-2 students!


Virtuassist at a Glance

During an age of distance learning, we want to provide free regular academic support and social exchange opportunities for K-2 students online. Presently, our team is comprised of high school volunteers who are eager to connect with and support students throughout the academic year.


What is a Virtuassist?

Well...a lot of things!


Our Virtuassists will strive to make a genuine connection with your student.


During weekly group sessions aka Virtupods, Virtuassists will oversee and direct conversations/activities to promote positive and appropriate discussions.


Virtuassists will also be able to provide academic support and oversight.



Weekly group sessions to promote regular social engagement

Once your student is paired with a Virtuassist, they will also be assigned to a Virtupod, a group of 3-5 students who will meet every week. During these group sessions, students will be able to freely converse and do fun activities together while being moderated by a virtuassist.