Sign Up for Virtuassist


How to sign up

All you have to do is fill out the sign-up form below, telling us your availability and a little bit about your student.

To the best of our ability, we will pair your student with a Virtuassist according to availability and the description you provide.


What happens after you sign up?

First, you will receive an email from us, welcoming you to Virtuassist! We will inform you if we currently have a Virtuassist and Virtupod available for your student.

Once, your student has been officially paired with a Virtuassist, they will contact you directly and send an introduction video for your student. Soon after, they will have their first individual session.


No Virtuassists Available Right Now?

If there are no Virtuassists available to be paired with your student, we will let you know and place you on a waitlist. As soon as a new Virtuassist is available, we will let you know!

If we do not currently have a Virtuassist whose availability coincides with yours, we will provide alternative times that are as close to your original availability as possible. If these alternative times do not work out, we will place you on a waitlist until we have a compatible Virtuassist.