Individual Sessions

Two times a week.

During individual sessions, students will meet with their Virtuassist for 30 minutes, two times a week (maximum), at an established time.



Students can have casual conversations with Virtuassists about whatever they would like, whether it's about their day or a new favorite Disney movie.

During this time, students and Virtuassists will also get to know each other better and build a solid connection.

Homework Check-in

Virtuassists can go over students' homework, checking off completed assignments and making sure students know what needs to be finished that day.


Academic Help

If students need assistance with schoolwork, such as LexiaCore or other assignments, Virtuassists can help as best they can virtually.

Please note: With online assignments, it is helpful if students can share their screen with Virtuassists. In our sign-up form, you can let us know if you are ok with your student doing so. 

Reading, Art, and More!

Students can choose a book and Virtuassists can read with them in a "You read to me, I read to you" style. Or they can imagine a whole new story together!

Students can learn how to draw anything from a house or a lion with a Virtuassist. 

Students may also play simple games with their Virtuassist, such as 20 Questions or Charades. 

Ultimately, we want to engage students in a way that is fun, positive, and personalized to them.