What is a Virtupod?

A Virtupod is a group of 3-5 students who are in the same grade. They will meet every week for 30 minutes. 

The goal of a Virtupod is to provide students with social engagement opportunities that they would normally have in the classroom.


**We will not be accepting requests to place students in Virtopods together, as we would like these meetings to be a place where students can meet new people and develop new connections.**


Moderated by a Virtuassist

Though we will have a "mics-off policy" in order to allow students to contribute freely, meetings will be supervised by a Virtuassist, who will encourage students to participate and keep discussions safe and appropriate. 

The supervising Virtuassist will cycle through the students' own Virtuassists every week.

Encouraging Discussion

Similar to individual sessions, students can just chitchat with one another and get to know each other better.

Virtuassists may also provide a topic that students can talk about together. Topics might include their favorite animal or an intense debate of peanut butter vs. jelly. 


Fun games and learning!

Students can play group games such as home scavenger hunts or a rock-paper-scissors tournament. 

Virtuassists may also teach students in this group setting, whether it's how to draw a frog or how to say "My name is..." in sign language. Students can then share their work or learning with the group.

We also want to give students the opportunity to teach something they know to other students and promote an exchange of ideas. For example, if one student is particularly in love with drawing, they may plan out a mini lesson with their Virtuassist and present it to their Virtupod.