How It Works


Getting Started





Get Paired with a Virtuassist

After signing up, your K-2 student will be paired with a high schooler, who will then send an introduction video so that your student will get to know them better before your first session.

Throughout the program, Virtuassists will send a follow-up email every week, summarizing everything that your student did.

Learn more about our Virtuassists here.

Individual Sessions

Students and their Virtuassists will meet one-on one two times a week (maximum) for 30-40 minute virtual sessions.

During this time, Virtuassists can chit-chat with students, read books with them, and more!

Group Sessions

Students will be assigned to a Virtupod, a group of 3-5 students, who will meet every week to participate in casual conversations and planned activities while being moderated by a Virtuassist.

In these sessions, there will be a "mics-off" policy, in order to better replicate in-person discussion and allow students to participate freely.