All About Virtuassists

Who are Virtuassists?

Currently, our team is made of high school volunteers, who are approved through a short application and interview process.


Virtuassist as a friend

Virtuassists will strive to form genuine and positive relationships with their students. As high schoolers, Virtuassists can act as both a role model and friend to younger students.

Virtuassists also will also meet with students regularly, allowing them to become more comfortable and relaxed during sessions.

Virtuassist as a Moderator

During Virtupods (group sessions), a Virtuassist will supervise activities and discussions. Our goal is to allow students to converse freely with each other, but Virtuassists will be there to make sure meetings stay safe, appropriate, and positive. 


Virtuassist as a Tutor

Virtuassists will be able to provide academic help, making sure that students have completed all of their school work and helping with school work.

Virtuassists may also teach students about anything from drawing, the months of the year, or a new language.

Following Up with Parents

Every week, Virtuassists will send a follow-up email to parents, summarizing everything your student did that week!

Parents will also be able to fill out a survey and give feedback about your student's experience with Virtuassist. We are open to critique and new suggestions as we are always looking for ways to better our program.